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Stoic silence on the battlefield unless you install Dynasty Warriors 6 PSP data


Okay, a little background: Dynasty Warriors 6 is being ported to the PSP. The same Dynasty Warriors 6 that was the basis for Strikeforce, which came out on the PSP first and is now being ported to the Xbox 360 and PS3. This PSP version of DW6 includes elements of Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires. This isn't totally relevant to the news at hand, but it's really complicated and we're kind of proud of ourselves for (presumably) untangling it.

This latest Dynasty Warriors 6, Dynasty Warriors 6 Special, won't require users to install data to the Memory Stick, but will have benefits for those who do. If you install the 260MB data, the speech in the game will be voiced. If you don't, your allies and enemies on the battlefield will communicate via text windows.

Actually, now that we think about it, not having a thousand dudes yelling at you all the time seems a lot better. Thanks for the option, Koei!

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