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Will Wright's Stupid Fun Club has three projects that you can't see


Former EA Maxis head Will Wright and his Stupid Fun Club are hard at work on a handful of ideas "that cross a lot of different boundaries." During a recent conversation with VentureBeat, the creator of SimCity and its reticulating splines said his new venture is currently working on three projects, even saying one could see the light of day as soon as "six months to a year" from now.

He says the projects span from the world of toys to the information superhighway we all know and love. His gushing on the subject of the Internet continues when he says, "Every product that we are working on has a web component ... the web is like the connective tissue in entertainment today." With any luck, we'll hear more about his startup's upcoming work when he delivers the opening keynote at next February's Engage! Expo and Toy Fair.

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