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Belkin's refreshed Easy Transfer Cable makes Windows 7 migration a little too easy

Darren Murph

Okay, so maybe nothing can really be too easy, but Belkin's really stretching things by asserting that you need a dedicated cable to use Windows Easy Transfer, an application bundled with Windows 7 and detailed by yours truly right here. At any rate, you may recall that this very outfit milked the whole upgrade situation in a similar fashion when Vista hit the scene, and now a slightly redesigned version is out to transfer files easily between your existing Vista / XP-based machines and what will become your new Windows 7 system. Of course, this thing's really only important if you're buying a new Win7 machine rather than upgrading the rig you already own, and if you're willing to pay $39.99 to have your hand held through the migration process, you can be our guest on October 23rd.

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