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Dragon Age launch DLC detailed


EA has announced a selection of downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, which will conveniently be available right at launch. However, unlike most launch DLC, which elicits complaints of ripping off customers by holding back content that clearly could have been on the disc, most of this DLC is intended only to rip off people who buy used copies of the game.

The "Stone Prisoner" DLC, which includes a new Golem character, has been previously announced as free to new buyers and $15 to those who don't have the code in the box, or buy it past the April 30 cutoff date. The "Blood Dragon Armor," which offers a new suit of, well, armor, will also be included. No price is given for a non-bundled download of this armor. The "Warden's Keep" download offers an entirely new "dungeon-exploring adventure" with exclusive items and even new player abilities. This will be $7 to download, or free to people who buy the "Digital Deluxe Edition" of the game.

The fact that no reference is made to the packaged collector's edition, and the fact that it seems to have disappeared from both GameStop and Amazon make us question its status. We're checking with EA about that -- and thinking of something else to put on the wall where we had planned to hang that cloth map.

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