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Getac figures out multitouch input for gloved hands, doesn't know the meaning of 'impossible'


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We've seen plenty of manufacturers struggle with accurate multitouch input up against our own highly-sensitive, desperately fleshly fingers, so for Getac to be touting multitouch screens that work with ordinary gloves is certainly a wild claim. Getac's new screen uses a resistive technology -- something we've seen pull off great multitouch in the past, when it really puts its mind to it -- and can track 100 points per second at a sub-35ms response time on the Getac V100 tablet's 2048 x 2048 screen. A sealed touchscreen is naturally a boon to weatherproof applications if it's actually usable, though it's enough of a chore to stab at the smaller controls in a standard desktop UI, so we shudder to think how difficult it might be with mulch-covered work gloves.

[Via Electronista]

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