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Light Peak supplier says mass production to start early 2010

Nilay Patel

The more we hear about Intel's Light Peak optical interconnect, the more it seems like Intel was playing it way too cool at IDF -- Foci Fiber Optic Communication, which supplied the gear used during that Hackintosh demo, told CNET today that pilot manufacturing runs of Light Peak equipment are scheduled for November, with mass production to start in early 2010. That's right on track with what we've seen and been told about Apple and Intel's plans for the tech, which forecast a line of back-to-school Macs featuring Light Peak in the fall of 2010. And, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, but Intel was pretty high on Light Peak for devices that needed maximum connectivity in the smallest amount of space, like an iPhone -- or, say, a tablet. Quite a nice little package of rumors, don't you think? Okay, we'll calm down now.

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