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Nissan's Land Glider concept car leans like a motorcycle, looks like a squashed GT-R (video)

Tim Stevens

Motorcycles are about the most efficient (and fun) way to get around, but people in this country don't seem to care too much -- maybe worried about getting smeared all over the SUV of an eager commuter talking on his cellphone while eating breakfast and shaving. Nissan's Land Glider could offer that fun and that efficiency in what looks to be a slightly safer package. The zero-emissions electric car seats two in-line and is just 3.6-feet wide, utilizing motorcycle tires that dip on one side when turning to enable leans of up to 17 degrees. The Tokyo Motor Show is just a few weeks away, where this interesting concept will be on display -- and surely many others that are even more out there. Check out a video of this one tipping precariously just after the break.

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