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Retail roulette: Who has the best DJ Hero pre-order bonus?


Round and round the DJ Hero pre-order bonuses go. Who has the best one? Nobody kn -- oh wait, we do! Planning on putting down the cash for the Activision turntable simulator at the end of October? Let's see which major retailer has the best deal:
  • Amazon – $10 video game credit. (Sounds solid.)
  • Best Buy – Receive a free code that unlocks a Daft Punk level. (A "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" level?)
  • GameStop – Two free playable song downloads.
  • Guitar Hero Store – Free two-day shipping (Sooo, pre-order to get the game two days later?)
  • Hollywood/GameCrazy – Receive an exclusive turntable slipmat. (A turntable doily.)
  • – $10 electronic gift card. (Bingo!)
Those who are preparing to scratch, what say ye to these offers?

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