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The Daily Grind: How important are roleplaying features to you?

Eliot Lefebvre

It's strange that when our favorite game genre has "roleplaying" right in the title, the topic of roleplaying in-game can produce such varied and divisive opinions. On one end of the spectrum, some people consider it to be not much more than a group of people sitting around and talking endlessly instead of actually playing a game (which, to be fair, is not always far from the truth). On the other end, some people point to the fact that roleplaying is right in the title, and that if you don't care at all about the flavor you might as well not be playing the game genre in general (which, to be fair, is also not always far from the truth). And there are always the people who want to just play the game and don't care if you say "pull boss" or launch into a quick diatribe about slaying this foul mountebank.

How important is it to you that a game have features just oriented toward roleplaying? Do you consider them integral to your gaming experience, or do you get angry at seeing development time spent on something that you find so useless? If you're glad to see them, do you consider yourself a dedicated roleplayer, or are you just a player happy to see the option to further immerse yourself?

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