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Timeframe for the 3D infiltration? 3 - 4 years, says Panasonic president


Apparently even one of the main proponents of the 3D at home movement is still able to see its shortcomings, as detailed in this Wall Street Journal article. Prez Fumio Ohtsubo sees a 3-4 year time period before 3D gains wider acceptance, while the company continues to work on implementing it in smaller televisions, portable devices and glasses-free 3D. Combine that with the still miniscule amount of 3D content and the extra expense for compatible hardware, and we can see why Panasonic is unwilling to put all its eggs into one glasses-filled basket. All that aside, this time next year, expect to see 3D highest among the list of features on high end, large HDTVs where contrast ratio, Hz, widgets and other bullet pointed items currently reside.

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