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What an updated Road Rash might've been


Don't you wish there were a motorcycle racing game where you could beat your opponents mercilessly while passing them at high speeds? There is, friends. It's called Road Rash -- and it's wonderful. Superannuation spotted a nearly three-year-old "pre-vis" version (read as: mock-up) of a current-gen Road Rash on YouTube (found after the break), which presumably never got past the drawing board at the long-closed EA Warrington studio.

We can't be sure if the tantalizing bit of video is of an actual working game or just a video depiction of what those involved hoped the game would one day look like, but we're not so sure that matters -- it's quite enticing either way. A recent trademark filing by the publisher certainly indicates something may be in the works for the once mighty motorcycle series. We've contacted EA for comment on the company's plans for the IP and will update this post if we hear more.

[Via Superannuation]

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