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Chuwi rips off Teclast's T56 with its P7 PMP, prices it for the everyman

Darren Murph

You know things are getting nasty in Shenzhen when even the KIRF supporters of the world are KIRFing one another. We can't say that's exactly what happened here, but Chuwi's "new" P7 sure looks exactly like Teclast's T56. The 1080p-outputting PMP boasts a 5-inch screen, 8GB of internal storage, a format support list to make your iPod weep and a 600MHz ARM processor running the show. There's also an FM tuner, a sleek silver casing and a 699 yuan price tag, which converts to just over a Benjamin here in the US. So, Teclast -- care to price your own now that the thunder has been sufficiently stolen?

[Via PMP Today]

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