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Dragonica announces details of new expansion

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Fans of the free-to-play MMO Dragonica are anticipating Tales of the Damned, the expansion due to be released later this month. Dragonica offered up a sneak peek yesterday in the form of screenshots and plenty of information on the expansion.

Tales of the Damned offers a new area, the Van Cliff dungeon, to bring new challenges to level 60+ players. It builds on familiar content, continuing a story told in the August update, and features three elite bosses that lead up to an even more formidable end boss, the giant Bone Dragon.

Dragonica isn't stopping at one new area with this expansion either. They'll also add a new tournament system for guilds, a level cap increase, new mission scoring, and an eagerly awaited pet system.

More new content will be released a few weeks after Tales of the Damned, in the form of Drakos' Tower. This new area will also build on a familiar story, one from the game's introduction. Drakos' Tower brings mazes and puzzles for players to solve, as well as three new bosses and new armor sets.

As with the original game, the new content is free, and will be introduced via a patch this month.

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