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Dust 514 trailer: see the MMO FPS of the MMO


If you like the setting of Eve Online, but don't find the dense, economics-heavy gameplay scintillating, CCP is making Dust 514 just for you. You can still inhabit the Eve universe, but you're pretty much just shooting guns at it instead of destroying financial systems.

Unfortunately, while the kind of grim space setting is fairly unique for an MMO (as is just about everything about Eve), it's kind of ... well-heeled in the FPS world. As in, there's nothing particularly novel about seeing an FPS that takes place in a gritty sci-fi world. That said, this looks like a good ... one of those, and the MMO idea and Eve integration still manage to be interesting. And in general, we like the idea of using the same universe to express totally different game concepts -- like how WWE Crush Hour spun off from the wrestling games. Bad example.

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