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Time to start waiting for White Knight Chronicles 2


Ha! You guys are still waiting for White Knight Chronicles? That's old news, folks. It's time to get hyped about its sequel. Unofficially titled "White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness" (according to Andriasang), the sequel takes place immediately after the events of the first game. Leonard and his allies return to a world in chaos, with the City of Greed, the Kingdom of Barandel, and the Magic Republic of Foria all in trouble.

You'll create another avatar to join Leonard on his quest, and this time you'll be able to transform (a power unavailable in the first game). In addition to the requisite new areas, monsters, equipment and skills, White Knight Chronicles 2 will also feature a brand new female knight, and the ability to have six characters in your party.

SCE didn't reveal when the second White Knight game would hit Japan, but we do know this: English-speaking fans shouldn't expect to it see any time soon.

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