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Upgrading a Win7 Media Center with CableCARD from RC to RTM is painless

Ben Drawbaugh

We have to admit that when we upgraded from Windows 7 RC to RTM we were a little apprehensive to use the upgrade hack, but if we had any CableCARD recordings we wanted to watch after the upgrade, then maybe we would've chosen a different route. Well it appears our fears were unfounded as the upgrade is actually pretty painless. In the linked how to, we learned how to hack the Windows 7 RTM install disc to allow an upgrade from RC, then watched as Windows 7 pretty much took care of the rest -- without losing access to DRM'd recordings. For an added twist, the author was using a DIY CableCARD machine so it was also good to see that OSFRLoader still works on the RTM build as we all wait patiently for Microsoft to release the utility to unleash Digital Cable Tuner to the world.

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