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Facebook and Twitter arrive November 17 on Xbox Live in the UK


Though Microsoft has been a bit cagey with a solid release date for the upcoming Facebok/Twitter/Last.Fm update for Xbox Live, eagle-eyed UK readers have spotted the phrase "Service launches 17th November 2009" on the UK Xbox website (seen above).

When we recently got to give the services a spin at Microsoft's First Annual Open House, the company wouldn't give us a set-in-stone release date, though MTV Multiplayer were told a public beta for the services would arrive for XBL Gold Members in the "middle-towards-end of October." We've contacted Microsoft for word on when the services will be arriving on this side of the pond, though ... well ... it's the weekend. We'd suggest you don't go holding your breath for that info until Monday.

[Thanks, Scump!]

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