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[1.Local]: We feel good


Reader comments -- ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

It was a long week here for staffers, who spent seemingly endless crunch time sifting through and digging out of PTR 3.3 updates. Gregg Reece sent on to [1.Local] this comment from his post about our team's first impressions of the Forge of Souls instance. The post discussed a boss named Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls – "or as we like to call him, James Brown, the Godfather of Soul."

Aedilhild: When he hits 20%, an undead MC swathes a cape over his shoulders and begins to walk him off before the boss turns, throws off the cape and enrages to the tune of "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine)."

We're not so sure about the sex machine part ... But comments like these (and the rest of this week's [1.Local] batch) sure make us feel good. (We knew that we would, now.)

Jaina feels good ...
Allison Robert pointed out this mocking observation from among the comments on her post about a new model for Jaina Proudmoore (on PTR 3.3). "This comment really made me laugh," she noted. "He's absolutely right, when you compare the two Jaina models."

Malachi: Looks like Jaina doesn't use color safe detergent. (I like the model overall, though; it was just that one thing that made me chuckle a bit.)

Another one from the same Jaina thread:

Kylenne: I know Jaina's basically a peacemaker and everything, but I didn't realize she'd been passing the pipe with Cairne. Girlfriend looks higher than a kite now. Then again, if Varian was my king, I'd be toking, too."

Yeah, man – even Jaina's feeling good now ...
Feeling good in a Three Worgen Shirt
It's an internet meme that started this joke – and it's another meme that finishes it.

bobnweave91: Yo, Three Worgen/Wolf Moon Shirt, imma let you finish, but it's over. 9000 is the best meme of all time! Of all time!

You can't help but feel good in a Three Worgen Shirt ...
PUGgers feeling good
Readers reviewing the different mindsets that players bring to pickup groups and the trend of asking potential PUGgers to link achievements for content they're seeking to run brought up two fresh angles worth considering.

jtrain: Your point about linking achievements is something that's been bothering me ever since I started seeing it. I think the big take-away for Blizzard is that in the absence of gated gameplay (requiring heroic keys, attunements, etc.), players will come up with their own method. Personally, I think the removal of all attunements has backfired in this regard. While I'm not in favor of the ridiculous attunement paths of the past (like that crazy BT chart from BC), I do think it's reasonable that players follow some sort of progression path.

In early BC, you knew a player had a pretty good handle on Heroics because they'd have run the regular version numerous times for the rep necessary for the Heroic key. You knew a player was geared enough to be in higher-tier raids because they would have needed the attunements from prior raids.

I don't know if attunements are necessarily the answer, but leaving any and all content wide open has created a monster in which players are expected to have already cleared the content they're trying to run. I wish Blizz would implement some sort of compromise between complicated attunements vs. leaving everything wide open.

Hob: I'm a casual, solo player, though I do like to PUG into friendly groups once in a while. I've found some great ways to make sure my PUG is fun.

If someone is LF1M or LFG in general chat, I'll respond with what I can do and emphasize that I've never done the instance (or only once before) -- even if I've soloed it many, many times on one of my mains. If they're cool with that, then probably I'll have a good time with the group or that person.

If I get a random whisper to do an instance (which honestly, I hate more than almost anything -- especially if I'm on a different continent!), I respond that I've never heard of what they're talking about. "What's SFK? Never heard of it ..." If they're cool and say (for example), "It's a cool dungeon with werewolves and an evil wizard; you'll have fun," then I'm in. But if I get a rude response (like "omg noob nvm"), that person goes on ignore, and I keep doing what I was already doing before they bothered me.

So yeah, it's not always the group leader who does the screening.

This is a guy who's definitely figured out a way to stay feeling good.
It took a typically random e-mail on the comments line to bring in what turned out to be the best offer we had all week:

Name: [redacted]
Subject: free massages
Related URL:

Free massages? Now we really feel good!

Ha, caughtcha looking! Hey, don't scroll away -- come join the conversation on these and other posts around the community. We'll see you around in [1.Local].

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