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EA Russia lists Mass Effect 2 for PS3 [update]

The confusion over whether or not BioWare's second space opera, Mass Effect 2, is coming to the PlayStation 3 has been a fiasco of epic proportions. We've heard plenty of rumor and speculation supporting both sides of the heated debate, but as the game's release draws nearer, more savory indications of the game's possible Sony-bound trajectory have surfaced -- namely, a listing on the EA Russia site for a PS3 version of the upcoming RPG.

Gaming news site Just Push Start also noticed the PS3 installment on the site of an Australian game retailer called, appropriately, GAME. We put more stock in the EA Russia listing, though we suppose the publishing giant is no stranger to sending mixed signals when speaking about the exclusivity of the Mass Effect series. We've contacted EA and BioWare to find out what the deal is.

Update: As some of you already guessed, the "deal" is that the EA Russia listing was, in fact, erroneous. The PS3 listing for Mass Effect 2 (and Left 4 Dead 2, which we didn't notice) has been removed from the site.

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