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Bayonetta's 'non-stop climax action' briefly goes live-action in new commercial


With Bayonetta out in Japan on October 29, Sega is beginning to market the game aggressively with (of course) the downloadable demo, but also a new Japanese TV commercial (after the break) featuring the debut of the theme, "Something Missing" by MiChi. Will the Japanese audience respond to a woman in an undulating hair suit fighting demons? Brief footage of a real model dressed as Bayonetta couldn't hurt, though the crowd at Tokyo Game Show suggested the game doesn't really need help drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Platinum Games may be trying to divert some of that attention toward Sega. Not only does the (slightly less visually appealing) PS3 demo include a "Converted by Sega" screen in the introduction, Famitsu's infobox for the game was updated in the last issue to include "PS3 port developer: Sega." Either Platinum asked for those notices, or Sega's really proud of the work it's done.

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