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Epix HD queues up Iron Man, Madonna and Eddie Izzard for online & FiOS launch October 30


Epix HD has locked down a launch date and lineup, confirmed for Verion FiOS subscribers so far, the festivities will kick off October 30th with television and online premieres of Iron Man, Madonna "Sticky & Sweet: Live from Buenos Aires," and Eddie Izzard: Live From Wembley. Other titles set for launch weekend are The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Madea Goes to Jail, Pink Panther 2, the Indiana Jones movie that sucked, Cloverfield, The Duchess and more. Epix has previously stated a goal to build the largest stable of movies online with a planned 3,000 titles available in the Epix Megaplex, you'll see if this whole new way of delivering a premium movie experience is all it's appeared to be very soon.

Update: Epix just passed along the launch weekend schedule so check after the break for all the times (EST)

Friday, Oct 30

8:00 pm Iron Man
10:10 pm Madonna Sweet & Sticky
12:05 am Cloverfield
Saturday, Oct 31
8:00 pm Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
10:00 pm Madea Goes to Jail
12:00 am Eddie Izzard: Live from Wembley
Sunday, Nov 1
8:00 pm Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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