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Flyff expansion "Act V" to hit European servers


European Flyff followers of the German and French variety, you have fun to look forward to! Flyff's next expansion, Act V, is going to be adding two new dungeons and an entire new continent for you to explore! Not a bad addition at all for the low low price of free.

Flyff's new continent, the lands of Harmonin, is a land of beauty at first sight. The jungles are lush, the lands are beautiful, and the monsters are... deadly? The island, in truth, is a corrupted land that conceals a curse. High level monsters lurk in the wilds, waiting to feast on tender MMO adventurer flesh.

The game's two new dungeons, the Animus Dungeon and the Cursed Animus Dungeon, are variations of the same dungeon for two different level groups. The Animus Dungeon is available from levels 1-120, while the Cursed Animus Dungeon is only available for those who have reached master level. Defeat the dungeon and you'll be the recipient of a brand new weapon in either the new "Vampire" weapon series or the new "Ancient" weapon series.

For the full information on the new update, however, check out Flyff's European forums for all of the information!

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