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Imprudence 1.2 beta2 viewer for Second Life

Tateru Nino

The Imprudence project has released the next beta in this release cycle for their Second Life viewer. Imprudence is one of our favorite after-market Second Life viewers (and just about the only one whose licensing status we've been able to verify with confidence).

The new beta has some changes to the pie menu (which often makes people just a little tense), updates Kitty Barnett's RLVa support, fixes 24 bugs including some search and appearance problems, two crashes and some assorted UI weirdness that crept into the last build.

The first round of Windows binaries in this beta release had a minor installation issue, but fresh installers were issued quickly and have sorted that out.

Attention: Pie Menu Changes
  • The pie menu when right clicking on objects has been rearranged slightly:
    • "Buy" now appears in the first menu tier.
    • "Create" has been renamed "Build" and moved to the second menu tier.
    • "Return" and "Wear" have new locations in the second menu tier.
Known Issues
  • Don't use "File > Logout". It still causes lots of problems:
    • Logging out causes alerts (pop-up dialogs) to not work, and may even crash the viewer.
    • Logging out and then logging in to another grid causes the Groups window to show groups from both grids.
    • In OpenSim, right clicking clothing in the inventory and selecting Edit will cause a crash after logout.
    • Chat sometimes shows up on the login screen after logging out.
  • Property lines for land parcels flash when you have selected an avatar in the minimap radar.
  • OpenSim 0.6.4 or lower causes the viewer to crash when other avatars are present. OpenSim 0.6.6 is recommended.
  • Remaining issues from the previous 1.2.0 beta version:
    • Many new UI additions only provide English text. We'd love to have some bilingual users help us translate them. If you can help, please post in the forums.
    • The custom chat channel number entry doesn't behave properly for channel numbers longer than 6 digits. As a temporary work-around until we fix this, use the old "/NUMBER" (e.g. "/123456789 Hi") and "//" chat commands for chatting on large channel numbers.
    • The grid selection box on the login screen always defaults to "secondlife" at startup, when it should default to the most recently used grid.
    • The grid selection box on the login screen always shows "secondlife" after logging out, but behaves like it is still set to the grid you logged out from.
    • The minimap radar cannot be hidden yet. We're working on it.
    • The Windlight Water settings window doesn't have previous/next arrows like the Sky window does.
    • The Windlight toolbar sometimes forgets the last selected preset.
    • "File > Import" and "File > Upload & Import" may not work correctly for Mac users.
    • "File > Upload & Import" should have a confirmation dialog warning people about how much it will cost to upload all the textures.
  • Note for developers: some Linux and Mac libraries are still not packaged/uploaded, which can interfere with compiling Imprudence from source. Jacek is working on it!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed mouseclicks sometimes "jumping" near the edge of the screen in Windows - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed crash when using the Minimap and the silver skin - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed Imprudence 1.2 features missing from the silver skin - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed Imprudence wrongly thinking it was on the Teen Grid. You can now freely wear, edit, and/or take off your underwear again! - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed search showing too few results - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed inability to teleport to Adult regions (or detect them on the map) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed Advanced Sky only toggling once - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed first preset in Windlight Toolbar toggling Advanced Sky - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed crash when logging out of OpenSim after editing appearance - Armin Weatherwax.
  • Fixed grid manager adding an unnecessary "/" (forward slash) to grid URLs. You should be able to login to the SL Beta Grid. (You may need to go into the Grid Manager and remove the "/" in the login URI, though.) - Jacek Antonelli.
  • Fixed unlink button enabling when it shouldn't - McCabe Maxsted and Kitty Barnett.
  • Fixed inability to unlink when using edit linked parts - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed money change sound and dialog occurring after logging into different grids - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed name box missing from profiles - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed profile account label position - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed profile size overrunning search window - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed UI resize missing reset button in Preferences > General - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed (hopefully) UI resize not playing nice with the Liberation Sans font - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed newly created notecards behaving oddly - McCabe Maxsted.
  • The "Add..." (add friend) button on the minimap is now grayed out when you have selected someone who is already your friend - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed layout of debug permissions in the tools window - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed some compiling issues with Imprudence 1.2 and Windows - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed "Join Call" button truncated in group IMs - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed reference to "Second Life" in Preferences > Graphics - McCabe Maxsted.

Also, it appears the big crash when logging in/logging out in Windows was fixed with the latest LL server update to 1.30.1.

Other Changes
  • RLVa version has been updated to 1.0.3e - Kitty Barnett.
  • Muting an avatar now mutes llDialog boxes from them as well - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Added llDialog throttle from the Green Life Emerald Viewer.
  • Added clickable Object say/whisper/shout names from the Green Life Emerald Viewer.
  • Object IMs are now prefixed with "IM:" in chat - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Object IMs now have their own color in Preferences > Text Chat - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now indicates when an avatar is typing - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now announces when an avatar enters chat range (enabled by default; you can change this in Preferences > General) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now announces when an avatar enters the sim (disabled by default; you can change this in Preferences > General) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap can now be minimized - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now shows the selected avatar's icon over other icons, so you can see it in crowded areas. - McCabe Maxsted.
  • The minimum value for the Draw Distance slider has been lowered to 32m (from 64m) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Added confirmation alert for double click tping and autopilot (can be easily ignored) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Updated list of graphics cards Imprudence recognizes - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Re-added the avatar name box to the Profile window.
  • New Profile layout should accommodate non-English languages better - McCabe Maxsted.

As always, you should consider the risks before installing third-party binaries on your system, and this is a beta-release, so you shouldn't expect everything to work just right out-of-the-box. Imprudence viewer 1.2 beta is available for Linux, Windows (with a special version optimized for SSE) and for Intel Mac, or go to the project's download page where you can also get the source code under the GPL license. As usual, the Imprudence team has provided a forum for feedback on this release so that you can pass on your experiences and suggestions.

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