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BioWare would 'love' to revisit Jade Empire (so would we)


Speaking to Stragety Informer, BioWare's Mike Laidlaw had some simultaneously pleasing and disappointing news for Jade Empire fans. When asked directly when we would see a sequel to the Asian fantasy RPG, Laidlaw opted for the always handy -- and always frustrating -- PR Jedi mind trick, stating that BioWare hasn't made any announcements regarding Jade Empire 2. On a brighter note, he added that the game is a "staff favorite," saying, "We'd love to revisit it at some point." He then quickly switched gears back to disappointment, noting that the company is currently focused on Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2.

Dear team BioWare, you are most assuredly not the only ones that would love to revisit Jade Empire. Grab a sticky note and write that down, tuck it under your pillow and think about it. Think hard. Thanks.

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