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EVE giveaway: Fanfest loot from CrazyKinux's Musing

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We all love freebies, and CrazyKinux has a whole pile of them for you. Well, for someone, anyway. He's feeling festive after Canadian Thanksgiving, and has opened up a giveaway of some great EVE Online items from last year's Fanfest.

In exchange for promoting his blog and Twitter page this month, CrazyKinux will put your name in a drawing for some great prizes, to be given away after Halloween. He's got some pretty impressive items, including t-shirts, EVE Collectible Card Game packs, and even a couple of one year extended hosting plans.

Just give him a mention on your blog, site, or Twitter page, link to it in a comment on his giveaway post, and he'll add your name to the drawing. After Halloween, he'll draw two names, and the winners will share in the pack of goodies.

Good luck to all of the EVE fans who enter, and thanks to CrazyKinux for his generosity!

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