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Hooray! UK retailer deems Q4 release schedule 'sensible'


Speaking with, UK retailer's director Neil Muspratt deems that the fourth quarter's software release schedule is the "most sensibly divided" one he's seen in 20 years. He believes that Modern Warfare 2 scared a significant number of games out of the Q4 arena, but still thinks the quarter will be important in terms of increasing the install base of all three major consoles following the recent price drops.

Muspratt, stating the obvious, notes that the benefit of console sales being the focus for the rest of this year is that "there will be a wider audience for software" in 2010. He adds that "great products ... sell through regardless" of the time of year. We totally agree with Muspratt that Q4 2009 has an incredibly sensible release schedule. However, the first half of next year is probably the most ridiculous we've seen in 20 years.

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