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Warcraft's twitter becoming more active

Gregg Reece

Blizzard has recently decided to enter the world of social networking via the Twitter community. While most of it is contests, discussion topics, and linking fan submitted art, they also do the occasional announcement and have recently hinted at expanding it further with interactive events and developer chats.

Among the tidbits were announcements like that there will be upcoming pet changes in 3.3 for hunters to watch out for, the Icecrown dungeon and raid preview, the new edition of the Gadgetzan Times, and the lore behind Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner and Lady Jaina Proudmoore. For those on the US realms, they linked up a poll on the forums asking, "What's the coolest part of being the Lich King?"

They linked to a heavy metal World of Warcraft song by The Last Successor. They're a power/progressive metal band out of Beijing, China. While it might not necessarily be your cup of tea, it is at least worth a listen.

Also linked were several pieces of fan art including: To follow Blizzard's official twitter feeds go to: @Diablo, @Starcraft, and @Warcraft

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