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LotRO welcome back week; Siege of Mirkwood beta news

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Lord of the Rings Online announced an offer today for previous players who are thinking about taking a second look at the game. Welcome Back Week begins October 15th, inviting LotRO players whose subscriptions have lapsed to play their old characters for free through the 21st. This offer includes a 25% XP bonus as well as an incentive to catch up on lost time.

LotRO has one more offer in this package as well to bring you back in. If you return, and renew your subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months by October 31st, you'll receive the Siege of Mirkwood expansion free.

In less fun news, anyone participating in the Beta Rewards program for Siege of Mirkwood had a disappointment today. Online community specialist Sapience says "Due to a known issue of the Beta Rewards program it is not being used to select Siege of Mirkwood Beta players. Siege of Mirkwood Beta invitations are going out on a random basis." Fortunately, they're not completely out of the loop: "As long as you have a current, active subscription you have a possibility of being included."

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