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Metareview: Brutal Legend


Our take on Tim Schafer's Brütal Legend was less-than-brutal, but what about all those other reviewers out there tapping away at their keyboards -- what did they think? Turns out that Schafer maintains his visionary golden boy status, even if his latest game hits a couple sour chords.
  • IGN (90/100): "Brütal Legend isn't quite perfect and there is room for improvement (it's a little short, side quests are repetitive...), but when the credits roll you'll find yourself hoping for a sophomore release. Double Fine created a rich heavy metal universe and backstory full of great characters and creatures, with potential for an out-of-this-world sequel. Here's hoping Schafer and company get a chance to take us there."
  • Gamespot (85/100): "Brütal Legend is a game that continually surprises, and it does so in a genuinely fun and interesting way. And Double Fine deserves some major respect for keeping so many aspects of the game closely tied to its subject matter. Of course, Brütal Legend also has some shortcomings. The secondary missions are weak and the single-player campaign lasts about seven hours if you're not too keen on unlocking every single last shrine or secret item. In that respect, it's unfortunate that there's just not more of the good stuff, such as the on-foot missions with boss battles or more fleshed-out side quests."
  • Game Life (70/100): "Brütal Legend does a lot of things wonderfully: It's a technically adept, graphically beautiful game with a surprisingly good story and a great soundtrack. The hybrid gameplay just doesn't meet these high standards."
  • Giant Bomb (60/100): "The gameplay, as singular a combination of gameplay styles as it is, suffers from being a jack of all trades and master of none. Like most teenage metalheads, this game has got issues, but if you're willing to look past some very uneven gameplay, Brütal Legend will rock you. Hard."

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