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Nate Drake's origins to be explored in Uncharted prequel motion comic

Ever wonder how Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake got so darn pithy? Curious how he developed his Spider-Man-like acrobatic finesse? Want to know how he met up with his cigar-chomping partner in crime, Victor Sullivan? All these questions and more will (probably) be answered in the next piece of Uncharted errata coming from developer Naughty Dog: A motion comic set before the events of the first game, titled Uncharted: Eye of Indra.

The project was announced during yesterday's PlayStation.Blog live chat with Naughty Dog's Travis McIntosh and Neil Druckmann. According to them, the motion comic will be voiced by many of the actors from the game series, and focuses on "a prequel story that we eventually cut" from Uncharted 2. We hope the story reaches back far enough to show when Nate's mother taught him how to dress himself in such a slapdash manner.

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