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Nights in EverQuest II get just a bit more haunted

Eliot Lefebvre

Trying to hit up every possible MMO Halloween celebration? Add yet another one to your list, as EverQuest II brings back its Nights of the Dead for this year. Between October 16th and November 9th, all sorts of spook-related activities will be covering the surface of Norrath. Like last year's event, there will be trick-or-treating and decorations in Freeport and Qeynos and goblins to cast costume illusions, not to mention candy drops from monsters and several "clandestine (and smashable!) decorations." If you're a seasoned verteran of EverQuest II and think you've seen all of this before, however, this year also boasts a number of new additions to the holiday.

Oh, sure, there are new costumes, but that's the least of the new material added for this year's celebration. A new haunted hedgemaze in Nektulos Forest should attract those looking to get lost for a while, assuming that the new headless horseman doesn't get you first. There's also a new holiday collection, a new holiday recipie book, and some new rewards for some old Nights of the Dead events -- so even if you've taken part in the celebration before this year, you might still be able to find some new items from the mix. Enjoy the celebration starting at the end of the week, and be careful about the headless horseman -- those guys are always trouble.

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