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All-weather Satsports GPS handles navigation duties for snow bunnies, other athletes (video)

Darren Murph

Ripxx is already targeting athletes-in-training with its GPS-enabled Personal Measurement Device, but it looks as if that very unit may have a little competition. Satsports GPS claims to be the world's first device to combine "true real time interactive navigation for skiing, snowboarding, golfing, running, cycling and automotive enthusiasts in a portable, all-weather device." Granted, it's not like you couldn't get your hands on a rugged navigator before, but the software here is what takes things to another level. It promises athletes real-time routing and data logging, and after your runs are through, you can sync the data with Google Earth to get a good look at what all you just accomplished. As for specs, you'll find a 2.7-inch touchscreen, 400MHz Samsung processor and a microSD expansion card. Oh, and if you're not down with dropping $490 on this, you can opt for the Satski, Pocket Caddy and / or Sports Log apps for WinMo and Android. Check the details in the press release and demo vid after the break.

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Satsports Ltd. Debuts World's 1st Truly Multi-Sport Interactive All Weather GPS

Satsports GPS is the first to combine true real time interactive navigation for skiing, snowboarding, golfing, running, cycling and automotive enthusiasts in a portable, all weather device

Satsports proprietary mobile applications turns Windows Mobile and Android enabled phones into multi-sports GPS systems

London, UK - (October 15, 2009) – Satsports Ltd., global leaders in mobile navigation for outdoor athletes, proudly announces the North American debut of Satsports GPS, the world's first truly multi-sport all weather GPS. By combining GPS navigation for skiing, snowboarding, golfing, running, cycling and automotive enthusiasts in one device, Satsports has created the most powerful, multi-faceted GPS system on the market. Satsports has also developed proprietary mobile applications that convert Windows Mobile and Android enabled cell phones into powerful, feature-rich GPS systems.

Included in Satsports GPS device, and also available for download on, are the following navigation applications:

* Satski – GPS application for skiers and snowboarders
* Pocket Caddy – GPS application for golfers
* Satsports Log - GPS application for runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, walkers and hikers
* Satsports Street Navigator – Optional GPS application for street navigation, available via mini SD card

For skiers and snowboarders, Satsports GPS' Satski application represents the ski map of the future. Satski users have access to an unlimited number of ski maps from around the world that can easily be downloaded and stored on the device. On the slopes, users can navigate from a live or fixed position to any other destination on the ski map, including restaurants, ski schools, bars or lodges. The scroll and zoom functions give skiers the ability to easily survey the entire map which helps in plotting courses.

Satski also tracks and records real-time data like speed (live speed, top speed and average speed), altitude (live altitude and variances in altitude over the session), distance and movement around the ski area. Most importantly, Satski's Emergency Feature provides crucial information for those in need of help from rescue services. Satski users are provided with telephone numbers of mountain rescue as well as your exact coordinates so emergency services can locate and assist users in times of need.

Once the skier has finished their day, they can sync their Satsports GPS device to their computer and the Stats Viewer program catalogues the day's data. Stats Viewer gives users the ability to replay their day of skiing on Google Earth or Satsports Ski Viewer. All information can be shared with friends via email, so skiers can share and compare their data with other skiers.

Pocket Caddy
For golfers, no other golf GPS application offers as many features or as much mapping flexibility as Pocket Caddy. The applications "Flyover" feature presents a 2D and 3D flyover of the holes to give the golfer a realistic visual of the hole prior to teeing off. From anywhere on the course, Pocket Caddy gives live yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. Unlike most other golf GPS systems, Pocket Caddy defines the front as the nearest point to the live position, not nearest point to the tee. Additionally, the application provides yardages (or meters) to hazards which help with club selection.

Monitoring, recording and interpreting statistics is a critical component of golf and Pocket Caddy is an invaluable tool that will help golfers improve this aspect of their game. Pocket Caddy records critical information such as club used and lie of the ball during specific shots, fairways/greens hit, putts per hole and distance of each club. Once the golfer is finished with their round, they simply sync their Satsports GPS device to their computer and the Stats Viewer program catalogues the data. Stats Viewer also has an output to Google Earth so golfers can replay their round in 3D. This feature can be used to compare two rounds from the same or different players, instantly highlighting differences in play.

Pocket Caddy currently has over 700 golf courses available but with Pocket Caddy's free online Pocket Caddy Membership, anyone can either download new golf courses or map and upload new golf courses to the database. With Pocket Caddy's DIY Course Mapping software and Google Earth, members can easily map their local courses from the comfort of their home in about 20-40 minutes. Once a member has uploaded a new course, they will receive a credit that can be exchanged for a course that another member has mapped.

Satsports Log
Created for running, walking, cycling, mountain biking and hiking enthusiasts, the Satsports Log application provides key information users need during and after their outings. The primary statistics that Satsports Log captures are speed (live, average and maximum), distance, time, altitude (live and variances). Satsports Log splits the devices screen into two sections: the top section supplies the ongoing statistics while the lower section displays graphs, maps and additional statistics that can be viewed by scrolling the touchscreen display. Much like Satski and Pocket Caddy applications, Sports Log also gives users the ability to upload the day's data to their computer and see the day's activity on a map or as a Goggle Earth flyover.

Today, the influx of sophisticated mobile devices gives consumers the ability to use their devices in a variety of different ways. With this in mind, SatsportsLtd. designed all of the aforementioned applications (Satski, Pocket Caddy and Satsports Log) to be used with mobile devices that support Windows Mobile and Android. In some cases, the mobile application offers additional functionality, such as:

* Satski: Receive both emergency, commercial text messages, weather forecasts
* Satski: Track a second users location, who is also using Satski on their mobile device
* Satsports Log: Map feature is only available on mobile application

Additionally, Satsports GPS can also act as a street navigator with voice commands through the addition of a SD card that can be purchased separately for $65.00. Both the Satsports GPS device and Satsports mobile applications include free updates via PC analytical software

Satsports GPS device has a MSRP of $490 U.S. / $540 CAD and is available at select ski resorts worldwide, and additional mass market retailers to be named soon. Satsports Windows Mobile applications are available for download on for only $8.00 U.S. / $9.00 CAD and Android applications will be available on the Android Market.

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