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Fallen Earth announces Halloween event and trial key giveaway

Shawn Schuster

Let's see a show of hands for those of you who love zombies. They might come in all shapes and sizes, but we all have our favorites. Are you more a fan of the slow-moving George Romero zombies, or the leaping-over-cars infected zombies? Perhaps you're more of a vampire-zombie aficionado. Regardless of your preference, it's still fun to smash a few in the head, am I right?

There are already several types of Infected in Fallen Earth, but starting next week, there's about to be a whole lot more. The folks at Fallen Earth have announced their Halloween event -- aptly named Days of the Dead -- where you will have a chance to kill throngs of Infected as they pour from the Lifenet pods into the wasteland. Of course you'll need some back-up for this, so we'll also have 2,000 15-day trial keys to give away to your zombie-hunter buddies. In addition to this, we'll have our own in-game events in association with Post Apoc Radio to be held during Days of the Dead. The giveaway and our in-game events won't start until next week, but we're getting you prepared for the onslaught now. Follow along after the jump for complete information on the Days of the Dead event.

When does Days of the Dead start?

Days of the Dead starts October 23 in game. All players and those who receive a free 15-day trial are eligible to participate.

Where do I get a trial key to participate?

Trial keys will be given out by us at the end of next week. We'll have 2k to hand out, so hopefully there will be plenty for you and your friends.

What happens when my trial key expires?

Your trial key is good for 15 days. At the end of your trial period purchase the game and you will receive a product code. Add the purchased product code to your existing account (through No account or game information will be lost in the movement from a trial key to live service, so any items you've gained or missions you've completed will still be logged in your account when you sign into live service.

What is the event about?

About a century ago, an AI subroutine called TETRAX went a little crazy and started spewing out deranged clones. People call the clones by all sorts of names -- rotters, diggers, zombies -- but people are calling these new clones "Infected" because of the nanites they carry that are potentially damaging to LifeNet facilities and to clones. TETRAX managed to infect a number of LifeNet facilities throughout the province, causing them to create more of these Infected before it was shut down. The infected facilities were believed to be too damaged to be recovered, so the computers were shut off and the facilities buried... just in case.

Someone or something has dug up those facilities and turned them back on. Infected have been pouring out of the places ever since. Not only are these Infected a menace to any people they encounter, they are trying to reach other LifeNet facilities. TETRAX has contaminated the Infected with nanites that can contaminate any LifeNet computers that they come into contact with, allowing TETRAX to take control of them. It's up to the people of the Grand Canyon province to stop this menace before the entire province is overrun with Infected!

Where do I start?

Players can get starting directions in-game from conversers at each of the mission hubs, but some of them can be tricky to find. Type /loc [coordinates] into the chat window. For example, using the first set of coordinates, your entry would be:

/loc 3911157 3255036

Use these coordinates to find a converser:

3911157 3255036

4527201 3480305

4435263 4040014

4111701 3753247

4722674 3876988

4916947 4320172

4749457 5718166

5156234 5143548

3979254 4988255

4107025 5541430

6142638 5994422

6701452 4965841

6685157 5439542

What will I learn at a mission hub?

Mission hubs are located nearby some of the barter towns and neutral towns. They have NPCs that give players information about the holiday events. They also offer missions that give rewards to help players complete the missions and find the infected pods. These missions are repeatable so that players can acquire these items multiple times.

Where do I find my zombie-killing weapon?

The Bankers, a neutral faction, are also offering a special zombie-fighting weapon for killing 100 Infected. Players get their choice of a signature shotgun, a sawed-off shotgun, or a cricket bat. You can only accept this mission once. The Bankers are found at:

Sector One Locations: Embry Crossroads, Odenville, Watchtower

Sector Two Locations: Sunshine Corners, New Flagstaff

Sector Three Locations: Dieseltown, Trader's Flat

How can I make scarecrows to attract zombies so I can kill them?

Pumpkins are needed to create scarecrows for one of the missions. You can buy pumpkins from Cooking Merchants or you can seek out one of the scattered pumpkin patches. Watch out for the rare drop of the "Pumpkin of Extraordinary Merit," which grants a five percent increase to Strength, Endurance, Coordination, Dexterity, Perception and Willpower and a 10 percent increase to your health regeneration for one hour. This consumable Pumpkin can be used at any time and is not event-bound. It is also tradeable.

Where do I find the "Pumpkin of Extraordinary Merit?"

The "Pumpkin of Extraordinary Merit" is a rare drop which grants a five percent increase to Strength, Endurance, Coordination, Dexterity, Perception and Willpower and a 10 percent increase to your health regeneration for one hour. This consumable Pumpkin can be used at any time and is not event-bound. It is also tradeable.

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