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Hideo Kojima wants a new Zone of the Enders

You guys aren't going to believe who our very own Jem Alexander got to interview recently: Hideo Kojima! That's right, we've got some Joystiq Original Reporting™ in the video above, in which Joystiq's European emissary interviews the Metal Gear Solid creator about his upcoming plans. It's a huge boon for our humble news site, and we thank Jem for his -- wait, what? He doesn't work here anymore? That limey bastard!

We're going to be busy stewing in our anger for a while, so go ahead and watch that interview --make sure you don't miss the 3:45 mark, when Kojima speaks about how a current-gen Zone of the Enders title is "on the top of the list" of his studio's priorities. That news is almost delightful enough to make us forget our brutal betrayal.

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