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Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 2's co-op 'broke the cinematic experience'


Modern Warfare 2 will not be without some form of co-op. The game features Spec Ops mode, a mission-based multiplayer experience that supports up to two players via local split-screen or online. Infinity Ward initially had planned to offer co-op throughout the game's main campaign, but decided the overall experience ultimately suffered because of it.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling told VG247 that co-op in the main campaign "really broke the cinematic experience, took the immersion out of it, out of the story and the pacing and everything we'd spent so long crafting." Bowling also said it "ruined the experience" that Infinity Ward was aiming for, forcing the developer to redirect those efforts into polishing the campaign as an exclusively single-player experience. We'll all find out if the game is better off for it -- some in night-vision goggles -- come November 10.

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