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Miyamoto: 'there may still be some possibility' for Wii Music franchise

At a New York City roundtable event, Nintendo's resident wunderkind Shigeru Miyamoto showed Joystiq and several other press outlets his latest creation: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (more on that later). During the Q&A that followed, when asked if he was particularly surprised by the reception of any of his games, Miyamoto responded that while he wasn't "truly surprised" by the reaction it got, he thinks "there may still be some possibility with ... Wii Music," the Big N's poorly received music title.

"The development team members, the directors of Wii Music were I think, maybe a little bit shocked by the reaction and had hoped it would get a better response than it did," Miyamoto explained through a translator. "So I think if we were to do anything, it would be a matter of getting back together with them and trying to understand what their expectations were and where the gap was between their expectations and what the resulting product was."

That doesn't mean Miyamoto doesn't have any insight into the game's failure to connect with gamers. He explained that the "gap between the positives and the negatives seems to be pretty big," referring to the games reception. "The thing that's interesting about Wii Music is there are people who are very versed in music and play the game and their evaluation of it is very high but at the same time there are a lot of people who play it and don't have a very good opinion of it."

As if to prevent any "Wii Music 2 confirmed!" headlines from finding their way online, Miyamoto clarified, "We have talked about it but it isn't anything that's concrete at this point." As unusual as it is to see a Nintendo product miss the mark, it's similarly unusual to hear the company acknowledge as much.

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