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New starry backgrounds in EVE Online spotted

James Egan

CCP Games has been rolling out some major graphical improvements to EVE Online since the Trinity expansion launched, bringing with it a new graphics engine and an updated look to the game's setting through the premium client. The first iteration of graphics enhancements added a shiny new veneer to EVE's ships, but those changes weren't skin deep. The models themselves were recreated through months of effort by the game's art team, and the look of the ships is now much improved. Later space stations (both inside and out) and stargates were given a facelift with much greater detail and shadows. The Apocrypha expansion brought new effects for electronic warfare modules and weapons, but it also introduced something else to the aesthetics of EVE -- those gorgeous backdrops found in the uncharted expanses of wormhole space.

By comparison, some players feel that the nebula-laced appearance of mapped solar systems is starting to look dated. While EVE's nebulas aren't likely to change anytime soon, players on the Singularity test server are posting screenshots of starry backgrounds which have made an appearance this week. You can check out the shots taken by various players at Scrapheap Challenge and in these threads on the official EVE forums. Whether these new starry backdrops will make their way into the Dominion expansion release in December isn't certain, but combining this look with the swirling clouds on New Eden's planets would certainly kick EVE's aesthetics up another notch or two.

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