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Sony confirms standalone 250GB PS3 for US at $349


Sony's back to the two-SKU configuration with PS3 "Slim," today announcing that the 250GB model of the system previously announced for everywhere but the US will be coming to these shores on November 3. The machine will sell for $349, which is $50 more than the $299, 120GB model. Fifty bucks for an extra 100GB ain't too bad, considering Microsoft's hard disk pricing.

There's still not a peep about whether we can expect any of the 250GB bundles meant for other territories, but we're activating full-on Pester Mode (target: SCEA) a quote we received from Sony reads, "Re: North American bundles, we don't have any plans to announce at this time." Reads to us like there are plans, just none the company wants to talk about right now.

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