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The Daily Grind: The one that got away

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

A couple of years ago, I got my heart set on a shiny new weapon for my main character. I farmed the boss so much it was a running joke in my guild. I farmed other things, saving every bit of cash I could get my hands on, hoping to buy the weapon from another player. I finally got my weapon, and was delighted with it, until I was hurriedly clearing inventory one day, and accidentally sold it to the merchant. Oops.

If you've played an MMO for more than one day, you've got a story about the one that got away. Maybe you accidentally clicked the x in the corner at the worst possible time. Maybe you camped a boss for so long you eventually fell asleep on the keyboard, waking an hour later to find someone boasting that he got the kill. Maybe you got some great loot that you'd been chasing for a while, then left the map without picking it up. Go ahead, tell us your fish story.

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