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FPS hopelessly leaps into pocket projector game with Pearl M3

Darren Murph

The world needs another VGA pico projector about like it needs another ton of plastic goop swirling in the Pacific, but thanks to FPS, that's exactly what we're getting. (The former, just so we're clear.) The LCoS-based beamer puts out an image between 5- and 66-inches and packs a native resolution of 640 x 360; there's a composite input, stereo output, USB socket and a microSD expansion slot. You'll also find a one-watt internal speaker and a 2,500mAh battery for projecting on the go, while most every file format you can think of is supported. If, for whatever reason, you've found yourself overcome with want (and you can't hold off for Microvision's laser-based SHOW WX), it's available to purchase right now for $219.

[Via PicoProjector-Info]

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