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LocoRoco Midnight Carnival bounces onto PSP on October 29 for $15


LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is rolling onto the PlayStation Network on October 29 -- that's two weeks from now -- for $15. According to the PlayStation.Blog, that means you'll be able to get "16 brand new stages, full competitive and co-op modes, two minigames, and three additional bonus stages" for the price of three foot-longs at Subway.

While Midnight Carnival has very simple controls (only the shoulder buttons are used), we're a bit surprised that the game includes a "Demo Play"-esque feature for the kids. If a particular area is giving you a hard time, go online and connect with a friend that has the "savior mask" on. You'll be able to hold on to that friend and bypass the entire level. We at Joystiq will probably avoid that feature -- y'know, 'cuz we like playing games.

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