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Vaio X series thin-and-light reviewed: 'It's really thin! And light!'


In the mood for a thin-and-light, got $1,300 burning a hole in your pocket? Have we got a lappie for you! The kids at T3 have put the new Sony Vaio X through its ever-lovin' paces recently and have been kind enough (and gracious enough) to give us the scoop. In short, there's a lot to love about the thing: thinner than even the MacBook Air (yet packed with an ethernet connection, VGA, and two USB ports) and "super light," this guy offers an "impressive" 11.1-inch display with "excellent color reproduction." On the other hand, while the carbon fiber keeps weight down, it isn't too terribly sturdy -- the entire body "flexing alarmingly under light pressure." And sure, you're paying quite a premium for an Atom CPU, but hey -- maybe you're into that sort of a thing. If so, hit the read link for the rest of the story.

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