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Blogger to play 24 hours of MMOs for charity

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Beau Turkey, the guy-half of the Spouse Aggro blog and podcast -- and a regular guest on our own Massively Speaking podcast -- is participating in a very special charity event all day today. The charity is called Extra Life, and it is a 24-hour gaming marathon with the slogan "Play games, heal kids", created to raise money for the Texas Children's Cancer Center.

Beau has chosen his games -- twelve games for two hours each -- and posted his list here. He's included in-game names and servers for each game to make it easier for those who'd like to join him. If you're more of a voyeur, Beau has been kind enough to set up live streaming video of the event as well. We're predicting that it's going to be pretty fun to watch, especially around hour eighteen or so, when he starts to lose feeling in his right hand.

Of course, it's good if you want to watch; better if you log in and play with Beau, and best if you donate. Beau's goal is a pretty reasonable $192.00, and you can help him reach it here. Good luck Beau, we think you're doing a great thing. Hope you have plenty of coffee on-hand!

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