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Modern Warfare 2 PC not delayed, getting Steam support

Earlier this month, we received a ton of tips pointing to various stories claiming the release date for the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had been pushed back to November 24. Infinity Ward frontman Robert Bowling recently dispatched a 140-character missive that should soothe the souls of mouse-and-keyboard wielders everywhere: "No delay on PC for Modern Warfare 2," Mr. FourZeroTwo tweeted.

In the same chirp, Bowling added, "you'll also have Prestige Mode in PC as well as lots of Steam support. Hopefully min specs will be soon." Admittedly, that's not a whole lot of detail, but c'mon -- the guy had 140 letters to get his message across. We've contacted Bowling to get lengthier details on what this "support" entails.

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