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WRUP: Old-school gaming edition


This weekend, Brendan's breaking out the Amiga and William's going the Super Nintendo route. Back at Massively HQ, we've got to wonder -- were there MMOs for those platforms? (We have trouble recollecting the days before the advent of the internet and the era of massively multiplayer -- though we're vaguely sure that there was a time when these did not exist.) Well, at least some of us are getting our game on this weekend in proper MMO fashion:

  • Brendan Drain (@nyphur): I've been on something of a retro kick this week, playing old Amiga games like Heimdall 2, K240, and Frontier: Elite II (which are all awesome). Sometimes MMOs have to take a back seat as we connect with our inner twelve-year-olds :D
  • Dan O'Halloran: My friend turned me on to the Esteldin Bounty Quests in LotRO. Now that I have swift travel in Forochel, I'll be knocking those out for Legendary Item exp. Also, doing Crafting instances to max out my Prospecting before the expansion hits. Joined a new guild so hoping to get in some Turtle groups as well.
  • Eliot Lefebvre: I've finally caved in and decided to try DDO out, now that I've actually taken a look at how much you can buy in the game. I'm also still on my Mega Man kick, and want to see if I can blow through X5 over the weekend.
  • Kyle Horner (@kylehorner): More Aion and Champions Online for me this weekend. Just bought a new gaming laptop, too, so by next week I'll be playing them on that!
  • Tracey John (@TraceyJohn): I decided to roll a new Tauren Shaman in WoW. Because I hate sunlight. I've also got Big Apple Comic-Con in NYC this weekend, where I'll try to see William Shatner. And apparently Naughty By Nature are playing (yeeeaaah, I don't know). I'll try to tweet pics from the show floor!
  • Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan): This weekend is getting some play time with MAG, then perhaps sitting down to play some Aion and get me some more levels. Otherwise, there will be roleplaying, as there is every weekend for me. I <3 mah pen and paper RPGs!
  • William Dobson: I think I will be totally random this weekend and dust off my Super Nintendo. I suddenly have a craving for some good 16-bit gaming.
So that's what we're playing this weekend. Now chime up for yourselves! What are you playing?

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