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Fallen Earth fan: "Don't play Fallen Earth"

Eliot Lefebvre

You should most definitely not be playing Fallen Earth. How can you tell? Why, because Bio Break recently posted a long article explaining exactly why you shouldn't be playing it. And this isn't coming from a fan who's just disgruntled about a certain update or class rebalancing (though the latter would be pretty funny) -- it's from one of the game's most adamant fans who has no shortage of good things to say about the game. So why would he tell you not to play the game?

One of the best things a fan can have is perspective. In his piece, Syp outlines all of the reasons that most players, even if they've been enamoured of the game's press, might want to use extreme caution stepping into Fallen Earth for the first time. Technical problems such as the server instability issues, of course, are likely to be improved -- but the game's unforgiving character-building system, its dwarfing sense of scale when the players get started, and the survivalist attitude that the game tacitly enforces are all part of the charm of the game. Of course, he's not suggesting that the game is bad -- but giving everyone a much-needed dose of perspective on a game that's really not well-suited to everyone.

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