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Retailers list Modern Warfare 2 bundle for November 10 [update]


Update: A Microsoft representative has contacted us to say that the bundle will be shipping on November 10. As the bundle includes a retail copy of the game, Microsoft is unable to allow these to ship any earlier, meaning those who pre-ordered from the sites mentioned below will likely be waiting a few days before their bundle arrives. Sorry, folks!

We can't say that we were exactly taken aback to find out a couple of online retailers are listing the upcoming Modern Warfare 2-paired 250GB Xbox 360 launch as November 10, the same day the game arrives at retailers nationwide. An eagle-eyed reader at Joystiq sister site Engadget spotted the bundle at both Amazon and Costco (GameStop also has the Nov. 10 ship date listed), where the details re-confirm the bundle's lack of a component cable (for shame!). We've contacted Activision to make sure we're not being led astray, but it'd be hard to expect those willing to shell out the 399 clams for the bundle to have to wait to get their fool-shootin' on.

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Source 2 - Costco
Source 3 - GameStop

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