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3D cable TV to be demoed at Cable-Tec Expo next week

Ben Drawbaugh

At this point we know what you are thinking and we can say that you are wrong, we aren't about to rename the site to Engadget 3D -- not yet at least -- but we are getting excited about 3D and there isn't much more exciting then the idea of broadcast 3D. We say that because although we love movies, we're not crazy about 3D movies, but we are very very crazy about 3D sports which obviously requires broadcast 3D. So while we have a long way to go until we can enjoy our favorite sport at home in 3D, a demo by CableLabs at the Cable-Tec Expo next week is a great first step. The demo will be on a real cable plant and will fit on a single existing size cable channel. That's about all the details we know right now, but we'd assume it's using H.264 instead of MPEG-2, and we can only hope it is 1080p30, or better, to each eye. One other nuget in the article is that the broadcast will work with both circular polarized and active shutter glasses, which is something we've wondered about. Also on display will be 3D TVs from LG, Hyundai, Sony and Panasonic.

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