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Codemasters gives planned launch date for Siege of Mirkwood

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

European Lord of the Rings Online fans are anxious to get their hands on Siege of Mirkwood, especially after Codemasters told them about the great pre-order deals being offered. Players who purchase the expansion will receive the Harbinger's Cloak, and players purchasing the expansion and the Adventurer's Pack add-on will receive the cloak and an extra mount. So they've heard the story of Mirkwood, seen the screenshots, watched the trailer, been offered some extra items with their purchase and are just left with the big question: when?

Sam "Satine" Russell, the Director of Community Relations for Codemasters, answered that question recently when she commented that Siege of Mirkwood "is currently tracking 3rd December for launch", two days after the scheduled December 1st release date for Mirkwood in North America.

It's important to note the phrasing "currently tracking", meaning that this isn't an engraved-in-stone date. However, that date isn't too far off, so we feel pretty good about Satine's statement. We also feel pretty anxious to get our hands on Siege of Mirkwood, so it's great to have some dates to look forward to!

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