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Patch 3.3 PTR: New UI function lists completed quests


Over on the WoW LJ community, poster Honem has pointed out something that made me sort of squeal with glee when I first read it: The latest PTR build includes a couple very interesting new functions, as reported by official forum MVP Iriel:
  • NEW - QueryQuestsCompleted() requests that the server send the client a list of completed quest ids. Once the list is received the QUEST_QUERY_COMPLETE event is fired. (There is a limit on how frequently this can be called)
  • NEW - tbl = GetQuestsCompleted([tbl]) populates a table (creating one if necessary) with the ids of completed quests.

That's right, you can now get a list of every quest your character has completed. Testers on the MMO Champion forums report that it's only the quest IDs themselves that get sent, but addons such as Lightheaded and Questhelper, one would assume, can probably take care of the rest as long as they get those quest IDs.

The ability to recall completed quests should be a good boon to mod makers and questers. Those looking to grab Loremaster will appreciate being able to figure out where to head next, and those that have had a handful of quests left for the title and no idea where to find them will finally find some relief. Here's to all the mod authors already working hard on using these new commands to get us squared away in Patch 3.3. Many a Loremaster will owe you a debt come Cataclysm.

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